5 Skills That You Must Learn to Boost Your Online Live Poker Earnings!

5 Skills That You Must Learn to Boost Your Online Live Poker Earnings!

You might be playing the same game as your online mate, but live poker’s a whole different animal; which requires a particular skill set to succeed. And that’s why I have picked out five skills to help you boost your live poker earnings!

  1. Smart Selection of Table

Live poker might seem slow as only 20 to 30 hands are dealt every hour. That’s why it’s important to maximize the time you spend at the casino. And one of the great ways of doing so is Table selection.  Selecting a good table depends on effectual profiling.

Sitting at tables might be taxing as you might have to deal with slow play and drunks, but it will be worth it. Just like you should know when to sit at the table, you must know when to quit because it does not make sense financially.

  1. Identifying and Utilizing Common Leaks

Not every live poker player’s same, but many players have a number of common leaks. Several adjustments can be made to exploit such leaks. I have mentioned few of these adjustments below:

  • Do not mess with the 4-bets.
  • Widen your 3-bet range.
  • Attack weak check ranges on the flop
  1. Raise-check flops aggressively

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  1. Consistently covering fish

You should try covering stacks of weaker players on the table. Deep stacks = higher win-rate per hour. Make sure you’re buying a handful of chips before beginning the game to top-up the stacks as efficiently and quickly as possible. You would not want your opponent to notice that you are about to cover their hand by topping up.

So, having extra chips would allow you to top-up in a subtle way.

  1. Protect yourself from nasty players

There are always going to be the players who would look to win unjust edges at live tables. They are few and far between, but it is essential to watch out so that you do not become a victim. To avoid such players, you should pay close attention to your opponents and act deliberately.

  1. Stay cool, calm and collected

Poker might be aggravating but being angry is bad for your bankroll as well as your game. If you at any point feel tempted for ridiculing your opponent’s decision, does a favor to yourself and others by keeping your mouth shut instead?

We would want to keep a positive environment so that everyone enjoys themselves. As points above mentioned, there is a lot more to live poker game than playing card games at situs Judi online terpercaya.

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