Basic Blackjack Strategy to Gain an Edge over Dealer

Basic Blackjack Strategy to Gain an Edge over Dealer

 Gambling is not about luck but more, especially when you are betting on blackjack. To win big money it is crucial to have a blackjack strategy.

Some basic blackjack strategy to gain an edge over the dealer

Beat the dealer

The game is not about hitting or getting close to 21. If you can do that it is great but the main task you need to bear in mind is to crush the dealer. This familiarity and awareness will help you acquire the skills of wining at blackjack and beating the dealer.


Player has more liberty than the dealer, when they play blackjack game in an online casino. You get to choose to play hands in any way you desire. Each decision is totally yours. This is not the case with dealer. He has to follow house rules and is obligatory to stand at 17 or more.

Employ your shrewdness

The biggest advantage is that you can see the dealer’s card, which makes it possible to make an informed estimate on how hand will progress.

Blackjack basic strategy charts

In general, casino has an edge in blackjack game but there are strategies that can be applied to decrease the house-edge and increase your chances to win. Following strategy properly will allow you to decrease 1% to 0.5% of house-edge. These basic blackjack charts and tables are formulated on basis of mathematical calculations. The charts may differ from one house to another depending on casino rules and number of decks used. While playing on casinos online, the players can have the chart at hand, so as to refer it regularly and keep house edge lower than 1%.

The charts offer information on when to stand, hit, split, surrender, or double down. For example, if you have a couple of 8 or aces then the chart will tell you to split them. However, if you have pair of 6 or 10 then it will tell you not to split them. Therefore, learn how to read these tables and charts, correctly. They are generally colour coded and have key at bottom. Keep in mind that every hand will not be won following the chart but will help you reduce dealer’s advantage.

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