Brief of a Crypto Casino

Brief of a Crypto Casino

Before you learn about crypto casinos, you need to know what is cryptocurrency. It is basically a form of exchange through the digital medium.  Bitcoin was the first ever form of cryptocurrency that was introduced way back in 2009. Ever since then, a number of crytocurrencies have come up. In case of cryptocurrency, only a fixed amount is generated by the system collectively at a predefined rate known by the public. The concept is termed as decentralization. It is a recent payment form adopted by most casinos to make the process simple and technologically advanced.

What is it all about

A crypto casino is nothing but an online casino where electronic cash are accepted as one of the form of payments. Initially, the online casinos accepted only fiat currencies till cryptocurrencies were introduced. The fact that these coins are digital by nature enables them to be transferred easily. Its unrestricted movement along with its instant transferrable nature makes it a perfect payment option in any online gambling casino. Unlike fiat currencies, they do not fall under any kind of universal regulations. Since this technology is new, it has still somehow managed to skip the government rules and regulations. In US it is not treated as a legitimate form of money, instead it is considered as a property or asset. The Ethereum casino is also a type of crypto casino where the type of cryptocurrency used is Ether. In these online casinos you get to play games like Video Poker, Lottery, Dice, Slots etc.

Features of a good crypto casino

Before you register with any of the online gambling casinos, you need to check out its features first. Looking at the huge competition today, you have to compare the features carefully to judge the best service provider. Here, are some of the features you should look for:

  • Look out for high payouts for all types of games
  • Go for lucrative offers like welcome bonus, promotional offers, no deposit bonus, regular bonus etc.
  • Authentic license from a recognized body
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal system
  • Compatibility with mobile, so that you can play from anywhere
  • If it uses a decentralized platform along with an open source technology
  • Good customer support 24 hours round the clock through live chat

How to play

Usually, when you play in Ethereum casino, you don’t have to undergo any registration. As a user you normally get a unique ID that gets captured in the cookies of the browser. This remains stored in the cookies for about two months. After that period the ID becomes invalid. The vital part here is, you as a user have to remember the ID or else you will lose all your fund. The best way to keep your ID secured is to add an email id. Once you login with your user ID into your account it remains valid for 7 days, after which you have to login again. When your ID gets generated, you are given a personal deposit address where you can store your cryptocoins. After a successful deposit of these coins, you can start playing the game right away.

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