Free Online Poker Skill Guide To The Most Important Poker Money Winning Skill Of All

Free Online Poker Skill Guide To The Most Important Poker Money Winning Skill Of All

In my experience of poker of any kind, whether it be simple free online poker or more serious cash games, with its ups and downs and, as it seems, with its many flaws, I learned that the most important thing you can learn is patience. ,

Even a blind mouse sometimes finds cheese, and no matter how bad you feel, how you count, how many chips you have or how many people are left in your tournament, most importantly, you are patient with yourself.

Sometimes you get so sick of seeing horrible cards, and your pile of chips begins to be exhausted to the point that you despair, and you start calling from J5 from the game or with other hands with the same idea. I can tell you that I have been there many times, and it was my death many more times than it helped me.

Another key to patience is not only preflop, but also in the rest of the hand. Let me give you an example, draw K (c) Q (d) and call the two other people in your hand. The flop comes K (h) A (h) 8 (h). Obviously, this is a very dangerous hand, and many times it would simply double it completely. But for the desperate, I sometimes got a false source of confidence in my hand, and I will burn 85% of this time, despite the fact that I have only two others in my hands.

Patience is one of the many obvious traits that are important to poker success.

Some people get addicted from time to time, and it is important to be consistent in your poker game. Try to find a basic level of what you would call before the flop and what not.

Obviously, free online poker is a game that is very different from live, because online is much faster, and live deeper and slower. Despite the numerous complaints from my colleagues, I like to eliminate every second of my deadline for every decision. I recommend this to any competitive and informal online cara main poker player, because it can be the difference between a bad kick and a big crease.

Many times in a free online game you will find what we call Donkey. In most cases, they will have a much larger stack of chips, and they will win hands using strength and bluff. It is important not to give in to your bullying and play slowly. If you get a good flop, let him make a mistake. Classic check-raising works well, but if you move too early, you lose the opportunity to make money. Donkey can be a great source of chips if you are patient and play well.

We all have bad rhythms, it is inevitable. It happens to the best, and there is nothing we can do about it. However, what we can do is play reasonably, not hurry and, again, be patient.


All this is extremely important regardless of who you play with or how long you play, which brings me to my last point. You can read so many poker articles, magazines and books, but nothing can be compared to experience, so just go out and play online poker for free to start developing your skills and understanding of the game and develop this important habit of patience.

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