How Do You Play Poker – Rules of Poker

How Do You Play Poker – Rules of Poker

There are several ways to learn poker and know the rules, and if you have to win in poker, you have to learn the game well and also know about all the rules and regulations in the poker. You can either learn from different sites online, you can buy a book and learn, or you can also take help from a professional poker player.

In this article, we will learn about the basic rules in a poker game. After learning to play poker, you need to practice and then gradually you can become a winner. To be one of the best poker players, you got to read several books, visit several sites for online poker tips, and slowly you will get developed into a better player. You can also join several poker schools to learn the game to earn big.

How is Poker Played?

In every poker game, you are going to find at least two poker players who are sitting at the left of the dealer button, and they will make their forced bets or mandatory bets. These two players are named as the Small Blind and the Big Blind. There is a reason for making those two bets before the card is dealt. These bets are made so that if even everyone gets bad cards, they don’t leave the game and so there is something on the bet always to play for.

But even if you have a really good hand, still you should observe the table and follow closely the action your opponent is making, as by their action you will know how good is their hand. But anyway, to be a successful poker player you need to know the rules of playing poker successfully.

The Options You have on Poker Table

The action comes to everyone, including you on the table. At the time of your action, you have to choose an action on how to move forward and then decide the course of your game. So, following are the different options you can choose from while you have to make your move:

  • Check: There are situations that nobody will call for Check before you, so now you have the option to call for Check. Selecting Check, you mean to convey to the table that you are not putting any money in the pot and the action will be passed to your next player at the left of you.
  • Bet: The situation when no one has raised the best before you are in action, then you can call for Bet. Selecting Bet means that you are going to put money in the pot and the others should at least make a bet of the amount as you did, else they have to raise the bet if they want to go on playing this game.
  • Fold: When a player bet before your action came to you, and then your strength in your starting hand you feel is not that good, then you can Fold your hand. The meaning of this is that you are not playing anymore in this hand.
  • Call: Before the action comes to you, and if the player bets and you feel like your hand is strong enough, then you can Call in your action.
  • Raise: At the time of your action, you can raise the value of your bet.
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