How To Defeat Your Opponent After A Shutdown?

How To Defeat Your Opponent After A Shutdown?

Sometimes it just takes one shut down for the great poker gamer to change his game plans and start grinding his opponents. Do you want to become a great poker player, too? If yes then don’t worry. Here in this article, I’m going to teach you how to think like a great gamer and make immediate adjustments!

But before we begin, have 100 percent confidence in the reads! And always remember every player has a certain level of randomness which will reflect in their decision. And don’t think for a second that if a player plays a hand in a particular way, he’ll play again that way only! Yes, people tend to play consistently but not always.

Okay, let us start!

He likes the Ace-X and 3-bets way too much

3-betting is undoubtedly a very useful and powerful weapon, especially when you play against an open-raiser. Although, there are no limitations to its use, focus on a hand that the button is shown down. And now to defeat your opponent, let’s discuss super-profitable exploits.

You have been playing poker online for quite some time now right. If you have played on one of the, you must know a balanced 3-betting preflop range contains approx. 50% bluffs and 50% value.

  • We will be widening our four-bet bluffing range. We would only prefer a hand that doesn’t consist of an Ace.
  • We will select a small size 4-bet.
  • We will be widening our three-bet range to include Ax hands more which would dominate the opponent’s bluffing hands.

She is crazy to think top pair’s crazy

We all have a mini rush when we hit the top pair, right! But not every top pair is created equally,and that’s why the money we should be putting in pot varies from situation to situation. If the opponent bets very thinly on the flop, then we should attack the check-back range relentlessly.

We should also make the raise sizes smaller.

Love catching bluffs!

Say it or not, we all love catching the bluffs, don’t we? One should resist his impulse of catching bluffs all time. To start increasing EV massively against the bluff-catchy opponent, we should:

  • Over-call in opposition to the c-bet turn.
  • When the opponent is out of his position (OOP), call down every light against the triple barrels.
  • Don’t bluff once your opponent checks after dealing OOP twice.
  • Work in the over bets and tighten betting range value. Overbets will be very useful in such situations.

And to become a great player and to defeat your opponent, you must practice. And to do so, you can try playing online poker. There are some websites, which allow you to play free practice sessions. To play, click on If you have any queries, please comment below!

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