What Are the Top 3 Online Casinos for Malaysian Players?

What Are the Top 3 Online Casinos for Malaysian Players?

In Malaysia, there are quite a few online casinos to choose from but being a Malay, you will not be accepted for most of the mainstream online casinos such as Vegas-Paradise or 888. This is because those casinos are licenced by authorities that make sure the casinos do not offer online gambling services to people from countries where the governments impose financial restrictions. Therefore, you will need to use a third-party website to get yourself going to an online casino account.

There are plenty of good options to get you going, and we have listed the top 4 online casinos available for online casino players in Malaysia brought to you by one of the best online casino companies in Malaysia c9bets.com.

  • Newtown Casino Malaysia

This is arguably the best online casino in Malaysia. First of all, Newtown casino has some of the very best games provided to the casino. Playtech is a world-renowned online casino gaming platform. The company is predominantly active in Europe but also has broken into a very tough US marketplace too.

Its virtual games include slots, roulette, poker, craps, blackjack and baccarat. The company’s slots are hugely popular with 3D graphics, excellent themes, tons of features and Playtech has its own progressive slot network, which the Newtown casino offering also has.

Live Dealer Suite at Newtown Casino:

One of the only online casinos in Malaysia to have a Live Dealer Suite is Newtown casino. Most online gamblers around the world is starting to pick up on Live Dealer Suites whereby a live table and live dealer are streamed to player’s screens. The technology behind the Live dealer Suites is also simple but amazing at the same time.

Players can place bets on the live tables because there is a virtual betting area placed over the top of the table. Virtual chips are placed onto the live table from player’s device screens but with the feeling that they are placing the bet on an actual live land-based casino table. The dealer then calls each player into the action, which is communicated over the player’s device speakers.

Next, the dealer will spin the wheel if the game is Roulette or deal the cards if it is a card-based game. The live wheel is spun, or live cards dealt in full view of the web cam. The amazing side to the technology then comes into action at this point.

Firstly, all the bets placed on the live table are registered through the state-of-the-art tech used to cover the live table betting areas so Newtown Casino members can place their bets. This records the bet on the casino server.

Next, the web cam uses recognition software that will detect the result of the game by reading the live cards and sending this information back to the server. At this point the bet is decided as a loss or win. Wins are then paid out accordingly.

Mobile and Desktop Application Download

Newtown casino is one of the very few Malaysian casinos that offers to its player both the opportunity to download the Newtown Casino mobile application or a desktop application.

  1. 918 Kiss Mobile Casino Malaysia

This casino used to be known as SCR888 casino in Malaysia. Just recently the name was changed so the casino could gain more independence. The mobile casino is available only on iOS and Android device, which you would need to download the APK to your phone in order to install the casino on your smartphone.

918 Kiss is by far the most popular online casino in Malaysia at the moment. It is actually quite surprising that Newtown Casino is not the most popular having one of the most popular online casino providers, an online live dealer suite and the opportunity to switch between desktop and mobile. On the other hand, 918Kiss only has a single mobile application restricting the player to only play on their mobile.

Nonetheless, it is the most popular online casino in the country and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.

Games at 918 Kiss Casino

One of the reasons 918 Kiss is so popular is because of the huge gaming collection that the casino has. Over 400 casino games including slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, and dragon tiger. The casino also has a huge list of progressive slots that can pay out millions in RM (Malaysian Ringgit)

  1. Lucky Palace Casino or Ip888 Casino

This casino comes in at number 3. The casino is not as popular as Newtown Casino or 918 Kiss Casino, but it is most definitely up there with both of them. Lucky Palace is a highly trusted and reputable mobile casino that can be download to Android as well as iOS devices. Not only that, the casino also has a desktop application.

Much like Newtown Casino, here you can play live dealer tables. You can read about live dealer tables in the section above that covers Newtown Casino. At Lucky Palace, you can play baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack at the live tables or you can opt to play one of the casino’s many virtual table games.

The virtual casino section includes all the table games found on the live dealer suite tables, plus on top of this, there are an array of other table games including poker and Sic Bo. The casino is geared towards Asain players as you would expect, and this is why this online casino has become one of the most popular in Malaysia.

How do I decide which online casino to play at?

Actually, this is not a problem because if you can sign up for all three casinos in one go here: c9bets.com/sign-up/. Here you will be given access to up to 5 online casinos in Malaysia. Newtown Casino, 918 Kiss Mobile Casino, Lucky Palace (ip888), Joker Casino, and LIVE22 Casino.

The casino is all affiliated with c9bets casino website, so you will have one place to log in on the c9bets website to pick up all your online casino account usernames and passwords for all 5 casinos the company offers to its members. You can deal with all financial matters directly with c9bets too, so this makes playing online casinos in Malaysia incredibly easy.

You can then play at each one of the online casinos to decide which one you prefer.

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