Why Playing Poker is Fun

Why Playing Poker is Fun

Poker is a card game, a gambling game, a great game. The question is what makes poker so different from other casino games, card games, and table games? Poker is so popular that it is one of the first gambling games to pop up on Facebook, it has sites solely for it like qqpokerdomino, it has a televised celebrity tourney and world series. The quick answer is fun. Despite the excitement of the bet, the allure of big money and all of that, Poker is a fun game. Let us show you why.

It is more than just a card game

When you play poker, you typically play with many people, placing bets to see who will fold, who is bluffing, and ultimately who will win. In that alone poker is no ordinary card game. It asks you to do the following:

–    Hide your true reactions to the cards being dealt

–    Read through the “poker face” of your opponents

–    Make wise wagers based on what you have

–    Gauge your chances with each new card dealt

That is a lot of subtlety being asked from players. It is not just a matter of waiting on the right cards; it is a strategy game that asks you to either outwit or trick your opponents to either fold or go higher. In its way, it is a game of human chess.

It Strokes Your Ego

No matter what level you play poker, winning strokes your ego. It isn’t just about winning one round too. Poker is more drawn out than the rules suggest. The more rounds you win or make a successful play at making someone fold the more satisfying it feels.

The cool part about poker is the many strategies you can use. Some people do the basics like wear sunglasses to hide any hints of the type of cards they have. But, others go so much as to adopt certain behaviors. Some are noisy, and some are stoic, some act bizarre. But, when all these tactics work, one thing remains a sly smile on the face of a winner.

Everyone Likes a little Gamble

There are professional poker players, but at times they look like the ones who are least having fun. That is because there is more riding on that game for them than just money. It can be rent, or something really important. For a vast majority of poker players, it is just a fun game to play to risk and maybe win big money.

This enjoyment of the risk is a very basic human behavior. Particularly has us wanting the chance at a big money prize than a constant flow of a small amount. Imagine it this way. Some people spend $1 a day for a lottery ticket that can win $1000. They would do that for years never to win, still, on the 5th year of doing that they get the $1000.  In their mind, it is all worth it, even if they spent much more than that.

Overall, poker is a fun game that fits perfectly well with our love for tactics, our ego, and risk.

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